Author Holiday

I am on a mini holiday!
For the past 48 hours, SK and I have been in North Wales; about 4 hours from where we live, in South Wales, and 2 hours from Mid Wales. Us Welsh are very good at naming the different sections of our country, we also have a West Wales – a very popular tourist destination as it boasts a beautiful coastline- however, we do not have an East Wales as East Wales is just called England.

Anyway! Back to North Wales.
We are staying in a lovely B&B in an area called Bala.
 We are not far from the Snowdonia mountain range, home to the ominous Mount Snowdon, the highest point of Wales! 

SK is a bit of an adventure buff so he decided to have a go on a zip wire which is situated amidst the mountains and clouds, over a slate quarry and glacial river.

It is the fastest and longest zip wire in the northern hemisphere… So obviously I didn’t join him. I was happy to sit and watch and panic about our wedding never happening if the zip wire broke.. And also that he would be dead. But obviously he was fine and went on to describe the experience as “it’s like… A really slow skydive…” See what I mean when I say he’s nothing like the real Stephen King?
Although he is much better looking! 

He’s enjoying himself quite a bit on this trip. Me on the other hand, I prefer something a bit more relaxing. On our way back from the mountains, we stumbled upon a road sign saying, “Ugly House next right” , obviously I was intrigued so we took the next right and low and behold there was a tiny, boulder-brick cottage that was called “Ugly House tea rooms and gardens.” 

I would have gone in anyway but the fact it was a tea room meant SK joined me in my enthusiasm (tea addict) 

We found out that the history of Ugly House is that.. Well.. It has no solid history.
 No one knows when it was built, or who by and when, and for what purpose!

There are legends surrounding the building, of course, the only dating evidence they have on the property is that the fireplace has been there since the 1400’s and legend has it that Ugly House was built by highwaymen, smugglers and other not ideal beings, as a safe house. It doesn’t appear on records until the 1700’s but like I said, it’s fireplace was there 300 years before said records. The boulders used to build the house are huge! Either Mountain from GOT helped them out or it was built by a shed load of bad guys!
The law in Wales once stated that:
“If a house can be built and smoke comes out of its chimney in one day, the builder is permitted to call it his home and tend the land around the building no wider than the swing of an axe”

I think that’s brilliant!
The food served there in present day is beautiful! Locally sourced ingredients and all home made.

   It’s been a lovely trip, I even stumbled upon a path full of the title of my first book! 

  (Still waiting on illustrations then I can tell you more)
Anyway, we were meant to be doing a hot air balloon ride today but it is cancelled due to strong winds so we are heading back home.

What a lovely little get away we have had, back to reality!



Worky Worky Work. Typey Typey Type.


Wedding stress is taking over these last few days.
Crying over absolutely nothing but making it through thanks to SK.

I’m having a very interesting time in work also which has been taking my mind off of the stress.
I have been tasked with my first ever full edit of a book. I will be doing the whole process, guided by my boss from start to finish.
I cannot reveal much but it is a Science Fiction book with a bit of conspiracy included – Its great!

The short story competition is now OVER! and I have read every entry, I am just waiting for the rest of the judging panel to finish them and I shall post more about it afterwards.

It seems this post is very vague, I’m sorry about that but I promise the vagueness doesn’t last long with how fast we work. Then I can discuss the work with you all 🙂

Ah Publishing!

In other news an author pal of mine Sophie E Tallis, has just been nominated for the People’ Book Prize which is a MASSIVE DEAL!
White Mountain CoverSophie E Tallis
Her’s is the book I am currently reading, the one I have been dipping in and out of since November 2014 but still haven’t finished due to my manic schedule.
I am so close to the end it hurts me not being able to read it through in one big comfy session, alas, other books need me to read them in work so pleasure reading doesn’t really exist with me anymore.
If Tallis is free any time soon I plan on doing an author interview with her as I did with Lis McDermott in my last post, it seemed to go down rather well.


I will Link to Sophie’s sites below, including how you can vote for her epic fantasy novel, White Mountain.
I promise it is AMAZING!

Fingers and Dragon Wings crossed that it wins!


Sophie’s Links:
Sophie E Tallis – White Mountain, People’s Book Prize Vote
Sophie E Tallis Facebook
Sophie E Tallis Blog

Interview with an Author!


Bit of a different entry today.
As I have stated in my past posts I am a publishing assistant and therefore I meet a lot of authors.
One of the first authors I met was a lady called Lis McDermott, hers was the last book Onion Custard Publishing Ltd finished before I was employed there so it was all over the office.

Lis is a professional photographer, her book “Headshot Diva – Why Your Business Profile Affects Your Bottom Line.” is about online business profiles and how not to look in your profile pictures. It is a fascinating read full of examples of what not to do and what you should do depending on the type of personality you want to convey.

Who knew a picture could be so crucial!?

We clicked right away when we first met and I am lucky enough to have Lis as the photographer at my wedding in 83 days.
I interviewed Lis about her feelings on becoming an author and what she liked/disliked about the process.
I hope it is informative for those of you that are looking to write a book.

Lis McDermott Interview, 2015.

Q1: Why did you write your book?

When I started to think about writing a book, I was going to write about weddings, and then I thought about the fact that my main focus in my business was in fact Business Profile, head shots! So, I decided to write about that. My starting point was the terrible pictures that some of my contacts on Linkedin had, so I started to think about that and how important images are to us, and why you need good images for your business.

Q2: What was the writing/ book creation process like for you? 

I really enjoyed writing the book. I had a format that I worked within, which even though I wouldn’t normally call myself a very organised person, I needed to be able to keep my ‘head’ together and gather my thoughts in a manageable way. Having this format, which was actually a folder with the different divisions of the chapters, meant that I could add ideas and jottings as I thought of them, or came across them. From this I was then able to start actually writing the chapters. I enjoyed talking to people about why they liked /disliked being photographed, and obviously loved taking people pictures to go into the book.

Q3: Do you think the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

 The cover is really important – it’s what initially draws people in, because they can’t see the words inside, so they need an image to capture their attention. David had the idea for the cover fairly early on, and that idea didn’t change. I had the idea of the main title, and he added the secondary title – great working together!

Q4: Were you interested in writing in school?

I enjoyed English at school a lot, but I wasn’t that good at it . I was always being told that I was too precise and that I needed to expand, but then I was writing to a heading that I’d been given, so it didn’t always capture my imagination or interest. I did enjoy writing poetry a lot when I was younger, and this continued to my college years.

Q5: What is your favourite motivational quote?

 I don’t really have a favourite motivational quote – because it’s someone else’s, and therefore it’s not necessarily going to motivate me. However I love the Oscar Wilde quote – ‘be yourself because everyone else is taken’

Bonus Question: Who is your favourite book lady?
Emily Hannah of course – who else is there!?

You can look at some of Lis McDermott’s work online via Facebook and her website:

Headshot Diva Cover
If you want to know more about her brilliant book “Headshot Diva – Why Your Business Profile Affects Your Bottom Line.”.you can purchase it through our website:

I hope you’re having/ had a lovely day!

18 Weeks until RCT BOOKFEST!

Book Signing
This is fast approaching!
My first ever book signing!

I will be signing as part of Rhondda Cynon Taff BookFest 2015.
It is a literary festival organised by myself and my boss, David Norrington (with help from some of our author friends).

“Hay had to start somewhere!”

We will be holding 50 events throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff in South Wales. Things like poetry readings, book fairs, author signings, all manner of booky things to fulfill your literary needs!

All event info is currently on the events tab of our Facebook page:

I cannot wait for this, it is going to be massive and there are so many authors and publishers that want to get involved! Being a Welsh woman, my literary goddess is of course the brilliant Catrin Collier and she will be speaking at our event and has expressed such interest in us that it has actually made me a little star struck! If you don’t know her, learn more about her, she’s awesome! LOVE that she is involved

Aside from all of this I have been reading more of White Mountain by Sophie E Tallis. Which is just amazing! I feel awful because I have actually been reading it since Christmas and I’m only 3/4 of the way through.
I work long hours and am planning my wedding so it is pretty hard to find the time to read, however, I am trying to set at least an hour a day aside to read, so I have been going to bed early and reading – not stopping until SK (Stephen King, the Fiance) comes to bed.
I have so many books piling up, its just finding the time. Hopefully I will get through them all soon, but I’m sure another pile will slowly emerge once that has happened.

The never ending book pile on a book readers bedside.

Anyway! Its Saturday which would usually mean AUTHOR SIGNING but instead its sorting customer orders and proof reading our short story competition entries today.

If you guys fancy submitting your work to the competition, you can!
Its as simple as this: click the link, follow the rules, upload your story.
Deadline is June 1st so be quick!

It’s time for me to read some entries.


Who am I?

I’m Emily Hannah Rogers.
Most people call me Embo, my Nan calls me Sweetie and my fiance calls me Gump.

Not a King, yet!

Not a King, yet!

I am an author, a bookseller and a publishing assistant for Onion Custard Publishing Ltd in South Wales, that means I really love books.
I love books so much that my fiance is Stephen King, but alas, he is not that Stephen King, nor is he an author, he is a banker.

So far you have been given two names for me, one is Emily Rogers, the other is Emily King. Despite my beautiful inflatable crown I am not yet Mrs King, I will be getting married in August and I thought it was a better idea to prepare this blog with my married name than it was to begin one with my maiden name for the sake of 93 days. I am very forward thinking.

This blog will act as a dumping ground for all of my ramblings and activities, I am not expecting anyone to read it.
Books and my work take up a lot of my time so I don’t know how often I will be updating this, but hopefully it will last, I need some form of stress relief in the run up to my nuptials.